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An evangelical response to racism

An evangelical response to racism

As evangelical Christians, we tend to be outspoken about certain issues, issues where rightly, our faith collides with our culture. We speak up about the plight of the unborn, we raise our voices and our votes when we fear religious freedom is under threat, and it’s time we be as outspoken about the reality of racism and racial injustice in America. It’s time we acknowledge the overt and subtle racial prejudices that continue to permeate our society.

The recent rash of national headlines ranging from a black man getting murdered for going jogging to a black birdwatcher having the cops called on him for no reason but asking a white woman to have her dog leashed (which was required in that part of the park), to the absolute horror of George Floyd’s death on a video which went viral, all may sound like these occurred during the height of the Civil Rights era, but they happened in 2020 America.

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